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NursingNursing - Nursing is an extremely important job all around the world. Whether it's a nursing home or a nurse in a hospital they're all important. We cover nursing agencies, 24/7 nurses, scrubs, care plans and more.

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Here are 24/7 nursing agencies. Also known as Nursing Staffing Agencies or Nursing Registry. Companies that provide nurses and health care assistants in UK, USA and Australia.

24/7 Nursing Agencies

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Nursing agencies

Nursing Agencies are also known as Nurses Agencies, Nursing Staffing Agencies or Nurses Registry. They are a business that provide nurses and usually health care assistants to people who need the services of healthcare professionals.

24/7 Nursing Agencies in Australia

24/7 Nursing Agency Pty. Ltd.:

24/7 Nursing Agency Pty Ltd is highly regarded by the Public & Private hospitals in Sydney. They also offer a Home Care Service to those wishing to remain in their home or to families who may have a loved one requiring care who is living with them. Also, 24/7 Nursing Agency can organizes shifts in advance.

"Our nurses are confident that they are not only working when they want to but also where they want to".

Contact Information:
Suite 6C, Level6 66 High St.,
Randwick NSW 2031, Australia

24/7 Phone: (+61)-2-9314-7744
e-mail: NMS247@iprimus.com.au

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Search Me 4 - Directory of 24/7 nursing agencies in UK. www.searchme4.co.uk

Ambition 24Hours - UK 24/7 nursing agencies for nurses and health care assistants. At the time of posting, they had/have 16 branches nationwide. www.ambition24hours.co.uk

Onward Healthcare - Nursing agency in USA. www.onwardhealthcare.com

Black Stone Home Care - Black Stone Home Care may have some jobs available. www.blackstonehc.com

Wikipedia - Additional information about nursing agencies. en.wikipedia.org

24/7 Nursing Agencies in UK

Ambition 24hours:

Ambition 24hours specializes in the provision of qualified nurses and healthcare staff for temporary and long-term placement with NHS Trusts, Private Hospitals, Nursing Homes, HM Prison service and also organizations concerned with mental health care and learning difficulties. They operate nationwide, through 14 regional offices , with a computerized central booking facility, staffed by experienced consultants. Also, they had recently open an office in South Africa.

"We were the first of the UK agencies to provide a truly 24-7 service, 365 days a year, including Bank Holidays and weekends."

Contact Information:
Ambition House
92 - 96 Lind Road

e-mail: info@agency-nursing.co.uk

South Local: 0871-87-333-33
International: (+44)-(0)207-112-4514
Midlands & North Local: 0871-87-333-34

24/7 Nursing Agencies in USA

Onward Healthcare (OH):

Onward Healthcare was founded with the mission of providing the highest quality nursing and allied professionals to healthcare facilities by utilizing advanced technological recruitment systems and providing unparalleled customer service.

"Our mission is to provide healthcare facilities with a "one-stop" placement service for acquiring the "best of the best" in travel, per diem, and permanent professionals for nursing and allied health needs".

Contact Information:
Corporate Headquarters:
64 Danbury Road
Wilton, CT 06897

Phone: (800) 278-0332
e-mail: info@onwardhealthcare.com

They have also branch offices in Arizona, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island Massachusetts, Delaware, and Maryland.

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